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The room was actually fine, the staff, the price, the location. 24-hour front desk. I really recommend the hotel, but I wrote down the disadvantages that I noticed and that may be important to someone. In any case, you will have a great rest there. December. The heating in the room is not regulated and it was very hot. It is necessary to pay with the same card that you booked, it can be inconvenient.
I really liked the hotel. Beautiful interior, responsive and polite staff (the girl at the reception told about the sights and gave recommendations), cleanliness in the room, a variety of quite dense breakfasts. The rooms are warm and cozy. 20 minutes walk to the city center, near the beautiful building of the Philharmonic Hall, it has a view from the floors. I didn't like it · Unfortunately, I could not buy the slippers, as I forgot to buy them before my arrival, but this is not so important
The hotel is next to the south station. If you are going to travel around Kaliningrad, then this is the most important thing. The city center can be reached by tram 5, or about 35 minutes on foot. The hotel room was a large double room with a small refrigerator and a sofa. You can either buy breakfast for 400 rubles. This is porridge, omelet or scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage, pancakes, a bun with butter and coffee tea. Quite enough. Or you can choose from the menu, for example, only porridge or eggs or pancakes. For the price from the menu, you will get less. On the second floor there is a water cooler. You can also drink tea in the evening. Near the hotel is a supermarket Victoria. The price is about 2500 rubles. Per night. The hotel is worth the money. I didn't like it · Not a very comfortable shower, it flowed on the floor, no matter how you close the curtain. You can update the tiles in the bathroom a little. We got the 4th floor, without an elevator, in the evening, after a whole day of walking, my legs barely dragged up. Find a place for the elevator. There's a problem with Wi-Fi. A friend with Beeline from the twenty-fifth time connected with the help of the administrator, and I did not manage to use the megaphone at all. Trouble.